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HATUEY CIGARS. Family Company. (Est. Cuba 1932.)

Gustavo Pena (right), and Marlon Pena (left), handle the operations of Hatuey Cigars Company.
500 Acres of Tobacco in Dominican Republic.

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Thank you for visiting our site.  This web page has been designed to share with you, our customers, a part of our work and  dedication as a family to keep an old tradition and experience growing and curing tobaccos,  to manufacture, totally hand made, an exquisite cigar that brings delight to the most demanding smoker. We hope that along with us you enjoy our greatest passion, "Our Cigar". This will be a new home for you; as of today you are part of our big tobacconist family and shall be treated as such, look forward to seeing you at Hatuey Cigars in Reno.


                                     Gustavo Pena and Family

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