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"Selected and aged tobaccos are used in our blends"

Description Cabinet Collection. Boxes of 24 Cigars.

The cabinet collection cigar is wrapped in sun grown corojo with some vitolas in connecticut, maduros and  doble wrapp,  the blend consists in a combination of dominican and nicaraguan habano fillers. this cigar is full in flavor and aroma with a great balanced blend. this smoking experience is rich and complex with a hint of cocoa and coffee in its flavor.

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Hatuey Belicoso   -   54x6 Hatuey Belicoso   -   54x6 Hatuey Belicoso / Medium Bodied
Hatuey Belicoso Maduro   -   54x6 Hatuey Belicoso Maduro   -   54x6 Hatuey Belicoso Maduro / Medium Bodied
Hatuey Corona   -   44x5 1/2Hatuey Corona   -   44x5 1/2Hatuey Corona / Full-Bodied
Hatuey Lancero    -    52x7 1/2Hatuey Lancero    -    52x7 1/2Hatuey Lancero / Medium Bodied
Hatuey Robusto   -   50x5 Hatuey Robusto   -   50x5 Hatuey Robusto/ Medium to full Bodied
Hatuey Robusto Maduro   -   50x5 Hatuey Robusto Maduro   -   50x5 Hatuey Robusto Maduro/ Medium to full Bodied
Hatuey Toro   -   52x60Hatuey Toro   -   52x60Hatuey Toro / Medium Bodied
Hatuey Torpedito   -   54x4 3/4 Hatuey Torpedito   -   54x4 3/4 Hatuey Torpedito / Full Bodied

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