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Figurados Selection Family

Figurados Selections Description

This beautiful line of cigars has elegance and complexity. This cigar fills the palate with full creamy flavor, for an unrivaled experience. Its impeccable construction, with its excellent taste and aroma make this cigar the perfect element for any special occasion.
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Hatuey Extreme   -   54x5 3/4 Hatuey Extreme   -   54x5 3/4 Hatuey Extreme / Medium bodied
Hatuey Salomon   -   57x7 Hatuey Salomon   -   57x7 SALOMON / Medium Bodied
Hatuey Shorter - 54x4 1/2Hatuey Shorter  - 54x4 1/2Hatuey Shorter / Medium Bodied
Hatuey Yunque   -   56x5 Hatuey Yunque   -   56x5 Hatuey Yunque / Medium-Bodied

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